Thursday, 19 September 2013

Easter Card Competition

At last I can upload the images taken in April of our Easter card competition. My computer is now talking to Blogger so here goes.

 Here are the entries this year, they all contain some silk within them and a click to enlarge will reveal a wide range of techniques.

The winner was Gwen Kay for her delightful embroidery on a piece of painted silk. As Gwen is a relatively new member this was a excellent achievement. I particularly like the fresh spring colours and the simplicity of the overall effect.

Friday, 22 March 2013


We've been dyeing so far this year.

Two workshops on Procion dyeing. The first with ice the second in plastic bags.

Members have been experimenting with natural fabrics in particular cotton and silk and creating very serendipity designs which we are going to use later in the year. Details are hush hush so far.

cotton dyed in a plastic bag

silk velvet dyed in plastic bags

cotton dyed in plastic bags

cotton ice dyed

cotton dyed in plastic bag

silk scarves dyed in plastic bags

cotton dyed twice, once in ice and then clamped and put in plastic bag

silk scarves dyed in plastic bags

cotton shirt buttons dyed in plastic bags
The ice dyeing gave us some superb serendipity results that were almost floral in pattern. the group also learnt how to achieve more of a block colour effect by adding the soda ash later rather than presoaking fabric before dyeing.
Next is Natural dyeing with natural dyes!!!!!!!!!!!!