Sunday, 16 March 2008

Hanging at Tatton Park

A busy morning on the 11th March 2008! Members were hanging paintings and Rita was arranging the two cabinets. Choosing Joy to clean the paintings was perhaps not the cleverest thing as she is the shortest member!

There is a wide range of items in the cabinets, this photo shows scarves, a mask, a tie, jewellery and silk box. The mask is a genuine Venetian blank bought at this years festival. All items are for sale and effectively show the skills of our members.

Works on show are both traditional and contemporary and utilise both silk paint and textiles.

Beryl's use of porcelain and glass on silk is such an unusual combination and is represntative of the talents of members.

Denise's interpretation of a Vegetable Patch is certainly the querky aspect of the exhibition.

At the end of the day we were very satisfied with the overall presentation and standard of work on display. If you are a memeber of the Natuional Trust do combine a visit to Tatton with an enjoyable viewing of our exhibiton in the Mansion House.

Exhibition is from the 15th March to the 1st June 2008, usual admission prices apply.

Visit Tatton Park's website for further details.

February Workshop

February's workshop found members creating fabric boxes and stamping on fabric. Beryl Wood our chair has a wealth of experience in card making and related crafts so she was the ideal person to demonstrate to members.

Members made three different dimensions of boxes and decorated them in a variety of ways.

The cards at the back of this image were all stamps on silk backgrounds, an ideal way to use up all that silk from painting that didn't work!!!!!!!!!